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You rarely need a visa for australia prematurely, just get the Visa Exemption/Waiver each time and increase it by simply 30 days whenever needed. As long as you’ve a flight away at some time it has nice, migration dont thoughts as long as they will know they could positively do away with you one day. All quite lengthy worn out, will exclusively apply to the individuals who appreciate bureaucracy, as there may be considerable number concerned. More for the O-A, you ought to be nationwide/resident for the nation you apply for the visa in (i. age. do it in residence), have no felony record / get a criminal record check, and get a medical certificate. 2) If you are serious to stay in Asia, and in addition you’ve currently accomplished a 30 day file format, you’ll be able to visit a land boundary, cross over and come back into get a one month visa exemption / visa waiver.

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